Trusting Dancing Blindly

This moment is so fleeting
yet ever so true.
I must get it down
into manifested ground.

When connecting with the drum,
closing your eyes and feeling
your heart beating, leading
your body with flairs of light beams,
movement that’s free as the
doesn’t-think-but-just-is wind,
the dancer is the one
who tells stories to the masses –
how the moment contains all answers,
all moments to be laughed in.

Free yourself, feel the beat.
Let go and you can find
all that you’re looking for
in the light behind your eyes.
Dance who you are;
shake off your disguise –
that mask that boxes your body in –
your heart’s face awaits
to see the unobstructed sun rays
and express its love with embrace.


Fear in the Face

I’m standing still, stopped
by fear, hesitating how to step on.
It seems so long, an eternal moment
like breathing out until your soul follows.

Cars whiz by, thoughts whirl tornados
in my mind on the edge of disaster – relentless
for freedom I feel I’d lay down
anything: get on up and stay strong…

But money creeps up around corners all ’round
to frighten, it scares my intentions back down.
I’m fearless though and can’t let go
of the voices, deep focus within me that knows

that if I turn away, I’ll be regretting it so;
so I must go, stay low, drive right through the nose!


Rushin’ Kid

I used to be the kid
so worried about
being left out
that I was rushin’ around.

I didn’t slow down time
to center myself
to do what I felt,
not rushin’ around

Room to room, and circle to circle,
I wanted to be
where the energy was,
rushin’ around
with my wide-open mouth
and glassy ass eyes,
not knowing about
what this life’s all about.

Get knowing yourself,
get knowing myself,
keep asking and bask in
this moment – it helps.


Man Like Tree

Opening the legs, widening reach, pressing
heels; sinking deep the bone beneath,
deeper, deeper the mind releases
the body from all tenser keepers.

Within, the darkness blistering,
papers flying, pencils carving
past the skin for nourishment,
finds the simple hieroglyphs–

Within the veins finds memory,
a pulse connecting centuries
of wisdom weaved in walking trees:
from mud the lotus by centering.


This poem I wrote goes along well with the theme of being centered, which is how I am when I feel good; everything is okay, even if I would be bothered by something in another time and state, I am confirmed in myself. How can you be centered in your life, discovering the joy, growth, pleasure and pain, stability and change, and love within your own body and self instead of seeking for happiness in other people and external circumstances?



One Theory of Thought

Apple. You might think of
the Apple apple, on the laptop,
the logo you probably see more
these days than a real, whole
apple. Or you might actually
think of a real, whole apple, but
isn’t it artificial? The image
you create inside your head of
an apple on a tree isn’t
really an apple on a tree; or
maybe the image actually creates
the seed of the apple tree in the ground; maybe
your imagining of all the apples
in the wide valley, in the orchard,
in the grocery stores, in your house,
is the creating of the apples
from head to hard matter. Maybe
you planted and produced all the apples
just with the thought of apple.



You open the door
with the white stick man
on the blue background
above the white word “Men.”

You open the door,
now the stall door.
You unbuckle your belt
and zip open your pants;
you hold the unwieldy thing and
aim at the middle of the toilet.

You finish your business and
leave that pool of yellowed thoughts
but in the reverse order, not
stopping to wash your hands.

I open the door
with the white stick man
on the blue background
above the white word “Men.”

I open the door,
the stall door.
I unbuckle my belt
and drop my pants;
I hold it and aim downward
(I’m looking through my legs)
as I sit on the seat–

Hold it right there–

Who left the seat down?
And pissed on it??
And didn’t wipe it off!?!

We need to talk.


Allow Yourself To Be Effortless

I certainly have a difficult time knowing what I should be doing at any given moment, when there is so much demanded of me (by myself and others) and when there is so much that I need, that my inner being needs. Allow yourself to listen, just listen. Go to a clear and serene space in yourself, your environment. Listen to what you need, your inner being behind everything racing around. Breathe in Love and Joy, exhale hate and shame.

Don’t try anything. Just let yourself be, and your inner being will bring everything to light. Allow your higher consciousness to align with your mind and body so you are not so heavy in your head; let your focus spread out across and throughout your body, the external world–there is no separation. When you let go and are relaxed, you become the most creative and and in-tune with your inner rhythms and frequencies.

Take a day for complete (positive) selfishness. Don’t do anything you have to do, or anything you planned to do that day. Set yourself up for pleasure and peace and relaxation. Set up a sort of playful sacred space for you to bask in. Meditate, drink tea, write, read, do yoga, play music. massage yourself, enjoy being completely you and in this moment. Soak in the light of the sun. Spring is coming.

Connection With Your Inner Being