Rushin’ Kid

I used to be the kid
so worried about
being left out
that I was rushin’ around.

I didn’t slow down time
to center myself
to do what I felt,
not rushin’ around

Room to room, and circle to circle,
I wanted to be
where the energy was,
rushin’ around
with my wide-open mouth
and glassy ass eyes,
not knowing about
what this life’s all about.

Get knowing yourself,
get knowing myself,
keep asking and bask in
this moment – it helps.


Man Like Tree

Opening the legs, widening reach, pressing
heels; sinking deep the bone beneath,
deeper, deeper the mind releases
the body from all tenser keepers.

Within, the darkness blistering,
papers flying, pencils carving
past the skin for nourishment,
finds the simple hieroglyphs–

Within the veins finds memory,
a pulse connecting centuries
of wisdom weaved in walking trees:
from mud the lotus by centering.


This poem I wrote goes along well with the theme of being centered, which is how I am when I feel good; everything is okay, even if I would be bothered by something in another time and state, I am confirmed in myself. How can you be centered in your life, discovering the joy, growth, pleasure and pain, stability and change, and love within your own body and self instead of seeking for happiness in other people and external circumstances?