Trusting Dancing Blindly

This moment is so fleeting
yet ever so true.
I must get it down
into manifested ground.

When connecting with the drum,
closing your eyes and feeling
your heart beating, leading
your body with flairs of light beams,
movement that’s free as the
doesn’t-think-but-just-is wind,
the dancer is the one
who tells stories to the masses –
how the moment contains all answers,
all moments to be laughed in.

Free yourself, feel the beat.
Let go and you can find
all that you’re looking for
in the light behind your eyes.
Dance who you are;
shake off your disguise –
that mask that boxes your body in –
your heart’s face awaits
to see the unobstructed sun rays
and express its love with embrace.


Fear in the Face

I’m standing still, stopped
by fear, hesitating how to step on.
It seems so long, an eternal moment
like breathing out until your soul follows.

Cars whiz by, thoughts whirl tornados
in my mind on the edge of disaster – relentless
for freedom I feel I’d lay down
anything: get on up and stay strong…

But money creeps up around corners all ’round
to frighten, it scares my intentions back down.
I’m fearless though and can’t let go
of the voices, deep focus within me that knows

that if I turn away, I’ll be regretting it so;
so I must go, stay low, drive right through the nose!



The Naga

More than ever, the world needs us, the world needs us now, us artists, be a writer, a painter, a poet, a dancer, a storyteller, a designer, build us the worlds that you have imagined, give life to our madness, show the world that it is not only about making money and children, that there are other ways to live life, to accomplish our goals, give meaning to our existence, because we artists never only live once, we live for every single day, we create, we make, we paint and write our souls and emotions into our creations, more than ever, in this age of war and craze, we need you, the world needs you, to create, to bring meaning and dimension to our reality.

© elancharan

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~Heart Check: Please Take Good Care of Your Heart~


The realities of love are often perplexing, seemingly hard to understand. The bible tells us to guard our hearts, for everything we do flows from it. Does it guarantee immunity from pain? Does love favor the bravest? Some people cling to the belief that shielding one’s heart will save them from getting hurt but I do not subscribe to such line of reasoning. Reality always scares us – no, it’s the tangible side of reality. Though love sometimes leads to serious distress, some people still choose to experience love because that’s the only way to unlock its mystery.
I am truly grateful for the day I allowed myself to get hurt, the day I supported my impetuous heart. The moment we commit to someone gives birth to pain because not all relationships have happy endings.
Love doesn’t mature in tranquil times; love doesn’t flourish in untilled hearts; for love to…

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Rushin’ Kid

I used to be the kid
so worried about
being left out
that I was rushin’ around.

I didn’t slow down time
to center myself
to do what I felt,
not rushin’ around

Room to room, and circle to circle,
I wanted to be
where the energy was,
rushin’ around
with my wide-open mouth
and glassy ass eyes,
not knowing about
what this life’s all about.

Get knowing yourself,
get knowing myself,
keep asking and bask in
this moment – it helps.

Don’t Get a Job? Create a Way of Life!

Have you ever experienced feeling like you need to get a job because you’re afraid to run out of money to pay your bills with? Ever feel like the more you’re at work the more the life just seeps out of your body, mind, and soul? Do you have imaginations about what you could be doing in life that might actually be fulfilling, but there just seems to be no realistic way to get there while earning a living?

Maybe you’d start a blog and write while traveling the world (that’s a commonly adored one). Maybe you’d stop everything you’re doing and become and apprentice in woodcarving and drum making under your rarely local Ghanaian in high hopes of selling your work and living carefree (I totally do – one of my many). Maybe, just maybe you’d spend hours upon hours making that art, starting that online business, crafting those lecture and class plans, even just writing that autobiographical novel of your one and only unique experience on this planet…

Maybe you do, but most of us don’t. When we have a job, something gets in the way. Work, or being too tired from it. Social engagements (because, after all, who can live life without getting connected to the people we love most?). Screens and other distractions. Lame excuses that stem from a poorly developed sense of self worth. You name it. And then, when we don’t have a job (either because we lost it or decided triumphantly that we are going to finally seek out and discover the utter truth of our lives through some passionately wild and overambitious lifestyle), we still cower in fear of financial and social insecurity – that constant cloud of a bank account balance, that looming pressure to prove yourself to all your friends and family in the professional world.

No matter what it is, most of us most often do not put work into our imaginations of a fulfilling life. We may start by daydreaming, maybe even by putting some thoughts down on paper – even some might talk to their friends and family about their ideas. But it’s all in vain. We don’t follow through. We back down from our belief in ourselves because we value others’ skepticism toward an alternative, riskier way of life (although it sounds exciting, others in opposition often see it as a reflection of their own neglected imaginations and thusly respond with bitter distaste; after all, social approval is largely what is perceived as keeping us connected and valuable in society). We don’t reach out to others for support because we know how little work we have put into the idea(s).

We possibly even just hold onto these thoughts as fantasies, trudging on through the monotony of the work day, week, month, year, decade, lifetime, hoping that the images will continue to serve as some sort of mental oasis – a sunny beach with nothing to tend to, even for just one moment. But that’s the thing, it does not continue to serve as an oasis. The more those ideas – rooted in something emotionally and spiritually substantial – are neglected, the more they turn into the already told-tale of regret, a molding nightmare of an island, no winds or waters or movement to be seen or felt – just numbness, vagueness, emptiness.

Certainly those feelings toward those neglected imaginations can become bitterness and self-loathing – not a recipe for a fulfilled life. However, if we can tend to these imaginations as not just daydreams or fantasies, but as potential realities needing to be cultivated as seeds can grow into a flourishing garden, then we can do what it takes to create the life we know is deeply worth living. It’s easy to get turned away from your vision, but don’t stray.

Why is it that you feel you are here in this life? Why do you have this vision? A why is like a thesis statement for an essay – always keep it close for it will drive you home. Do you love yourself enough to create this living? Accomplishing anything important in life, making any real change starts with internal change and the ability to love yourself. Are you willing to stand fear in the face and act courageously before thinking too much and backing down? Practice self-trust and resilience. Willing to put in the research and planning? Able to go with the flow? Do what it takes. This story of yours is special and worth the world knowing.

Make it a reality.

What better time to start than now?


Man Like Tree

Opening the legs, widening reach, pressing
heels; sinking deep the bone beneath,
deeper, deeper the mind releases
the body from all tenser keepers.

Within, the darkness blistering,
papers flying, pencils carving
past the skin for nourishment,
finds the simple hieroglyphs–

Within the veins finds memory,
a pulse connecting centuries
of wisdom weaved in walking trees:
from mud the lotus by centering.


This poem I wrote goes along well with the theme of being centered, which is how I am when I feel good; everything is okay, even if I would be bothered by something in another time and state, I am confirmed in myself. How can you be centered in your life, discovering the joy, growth, pleasure and pain, stability and change, and love within your own body and self instead of seeking for happiness in other people and external circumstances?